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IRIDIO was created in 2002 by Francesco Zambon and Valentina Buroni: two eclectic artists who’ve been working in the musical environment for many years dealing with different styles.

IRIDIO expressed their new musical way, as they felt the need to find a new sound that could enrapture the listener and lead him to a timeless universe with no boundaries: a world made of pure emotion.

Their first album is called WAVES OF LIFE. It’s inspired by folk and Celtic tradition and by medieval music. Valentina’s charming voice paints refined melodic textures.  Acoustic instruments like harp, violin, oboe, flute and guitar are blended with modern sounds and electronic grooves, creating a perfect synthesis of past and present.

IRIDIO  played a lot of live shows all over Italy and abroad, supported by guitar player Daniele Defranchis. They performed at Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (Leipzig, Germany, June 2006) and Triskell Celtic Festival (Trieste, Italy, July 2006) just to mention a few.

IRIDIO’s second album is called ENDLESS WAY. Many guest musicians from both classical and folk music worked on it and Daniele Defranchis played classical and acoustic guitar, Turkish saz and oud. The album tells the story of a very special journey made by a young woman at the end of the 15th century. She travels from Europe to the Middle East to break the invisible chains that hold her unquiet spirit.  ENDLESS WAY is a refined and emotional acoustic / ambient album influenced by Celtic, ancient and ethnic music.

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